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We facilitate cyclists that get injured during cycling incidents. Our professional lawyers around the UK deal with the cases including Cyclists Touring Club (CTC).



We have been so far successful in claiming almost 98% of the funds through a conditional fee agreement. This is usually named as No Win, No Fee agreement. This leaves you with no financial risk.


Bonus lawyers are capable of providing immediate legal facilitation and organise the rehabilitation support that is to be offered just anywhere in the UK.


Those, who cannot visit our offices, we offer them visits at home or hospitals wherever they are in UK.


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Accidents related to cycling can be complex however the expertise and knowledge base our team of skilled solicitors has have brought a numerous amounts of cases to justice for cyclists and such victims have received maximum awards in terms of compensation. This includes mountain bikers, people riding bikes to work, professional cyclists, and people, who do cycling just for fun. It will be very right to say that we deal in all kinds of cycling related accidents. We proudly say that we have been pretty much successful in brining the claim against motor insurers whether it is the Motor Insurers Bureau or Highway Authorities.

Bonus Lawyers is a law firm that handles more cycling cases compared with any other firm operating in UK. Our team of professionals will do their up most to ensure not only that road users are made aware of the consequences careless driving can have on cyclists by ensuring they receive the compensation owed to them but they will also ensure that the cyclist receives the up most service that any client can receive from their legal law firm. We are proud of the service we provide our clients with and this is due to the decades of experience we have dealing with personal injury claims. Cyclists on the road can have accidents for many different reasons which included the accidents caused by the motorists, animals, road defects, potholes, buses and faulty equipment.




Road causalities need to be dealt and prevented with careful mechanisms. Road traffic accidents can have horrendous consequences for all involved and should always be treated in the most appropriate way. We are fully aware that people can be affected by a road traffic accident in many different ways and always side on the edge of caution when dealing with such incidents. Road can be dangerous places especially when other drives drive with less care and attention. The road justice campaign aims to make the justice system towards road stronger and tougher to approach the bad driver.

We are proud of facilitating people who have been victimised and we offer such victims an easy access approach in order to seek our professional help. Although we have a professional manner the fact that we have a greater understanding of victims through our years of experience all our clients feel that we can assist them on any level. We are here so that victims of road traffic accidents can receive compensation for unnecessary incidents that happen on the roads. We can help you even if the accident has been caused by an untraced driver or an uninsured vehicle.



Cycle awareness training campaign has been launched in order to educate people on how to deal with the busy urban roads. Another purpose of this campaign is to gather more investment in order to design cycle friendly road environments.


The purpose behind our services is to make sure that no cycling accident goes unnoticed. We want to ensure that people get justice and that the justice system should take things seriously in this regard as well. By contacting Bonus Lawyers you will receive a service that is next to none, with our highly professionals lawyers who deal with cycling accidents on a daily basis and who have an extensive knowledge in such an area we can ensure that your case will reach it’s maximum potential.


All the solicitors working at the Bonus Lawyers are the members of the Law Society Personal Injury Panel, the Association of personal injury Lawyers and the Pan European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers.