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When we talk about our work accident claims, 100% of them are funded through a Conditional Fee Agreement. It is commonly termed as No Win, No Fee agreement. This leaves you with no financial risk.


It does not matter if you are working as a part time or a full time employee, a self-employed contractor, a temporary worker, or if you were just there to visit someone when the accident took place. By law Employers are responsible to have a legal Employers Liability Insurance cover in order to protect the employees from workplace accidents. In most of the work place accident claims, the case for compensation is not held against the employer but the Employer’s Liability Insurance Company.


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Before initiating with your claim, we will need to know certain details about your accident. For example, we will need information from you about how and where the accident happened along with some details about your personal injuries.


Moreover, if you have received any kind of medical treatment, were there any witnesses of the accident, specifically among the working colleagues. We will need to know such details so that your claim can be investigated fully so that you receive maximum compensation. Also, we may ask you to provide us copies of some photos related to the accident if you took any at the time.

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After getting all the details from you, A No Win No Fee personal Injury Solicitor specialising in accidents at work will study your case. After obtaining the details provided by you, we are now in a better position to assess how successful your work accident claim is likely to be.


In case, you need rehabilitation support and/or any kind of medical treatment after the work place accident then you must contact us as soon as possible. It is so that we can facilitate you with your rehabilitation in no time.


Bonus Lawyers have an outstanding reputation among not just our piers but also client’s we have worked with, we are a reliable Personal Injury Law Firms.


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Here at Bonus Lawyers we have specialised teams that focus on work place accident claims. These people deal in all types of workplace accident on No Win No Fee basis.

We deal with a variety of workplace accidents on a daily basis and no case is too big or too small for the knowledge base we have at Bonus Lawyers, we deal with the industrial diseases that range from Dermatitis to Mesothelioma and Asbestos, industrial work accidents, work related health conditions like HAVS etc.


It is the duty of employers to take care of their employees to prevent the workplace related illness and accidents. In case any of your loved one has gone through a workplace accident then we are more than willing to help you out.


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